Direct Lenders the banking system participates in financing million to the generalitat

Direct Lenders the banking system participates in financing million to the generalitat


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The regional secretary of Finance, Clara Ferrando, has indicated that the main Spanish banks and all entities of the Valencian financial system participate in the public tender for the financing of 2.133 million for the Generalitat and the Valencian Institute of Finance in the next two years.

Ferrando has made these statements on the occasion of the public opening of the economic offers that have been presented to the mixed contract of credit operations and financial services of the Generalitat.

The services include, on the one hand, the granting of lines of credit and, on the other hand, the banking services of accounts, collection, collections, and payments, among others, all of which are necessary for the normal functioning of the Treasury of the Generalitat and the Valencian public sector.

In addition, the tender includes the financing of more than 2,253.3 million short-term debt, of which 2,133.3 million correspond to the Generalitat and 120 to the Valencian Institute of Finance (IVF).

The Generalitat total includes 785.3 million credit policies, 1,175.5 million confirming lines and 172.5 million in installment loans

The term of this contract, which will start from the date of termination of the current contract, on February 27, 2017, will be two years, extendable by two others.

All the financial entities that have been working with the Generalitat (CaixaBank, Sabadell, BBVA, Bankia, Santander, Cajamar, Ibercaja, Caixa Ontinyent, Caja de Ingenieros and the Cooperative Bank) have attended the tender, as well as the next contract has joined Abanca.





For Clara Ferrando “the interest of the bank to work with the Generalitat shows that we are doing things right, there are communities that have difficulties in awarding the tender of their financial services, as we had in previous legislatures, but now the Valencian Administration pays to its suppliers, it is cleaning up its public sector and management moves away the fear of “default”.

The financial services that the banking entities will provide are, among others, the opening of operating accounts, the contracting of credit policies (for Treasury and IVF), Treasury loans and confirming to suppliers of the Generalitat, the management of the collection of taxes , bond deposits and the management of payments by the fixed cash system.

In addition to the usual banking services for the bank accounts of the Treasury of the Generalitat, the contract also includes the accounts of non-university public educational centers, the accounts of the institutions of the Generalitat and the operations of the public sector, as well as the participation in the financial agreements made by the Generalitat and the placement of surplus cash.

Regarding the previous contract, the new one contemplates the extension of the means of payment that the Administration of the Generalitat intends to implement to facilitate the taxpayers to make the income.

In addition to point of sale terminals, both physical and virtual, and ATMs, the contract provides for the development of online applications for card payment or online transfer at no cost to the taxpayer.

For the general interest of the Valencian Community in the evaluation of the proposals presented by the bidders, criteria of scale have been included where the social commitment of the financial institution in case of a tie will be taken into account.

It will also be taken into account if financial institutions commit themselves not to apply the Mortgage Loan Reference Index (IRPH), as well as to apply standards of environmental sustainability and environmental protection, recycling, energy efficiency, and environmental awareness.

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