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Auto loan at a dealer, what should you watch?

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Choosing a new or used car from a dealership is the most common purchase. You can indeed negotiate the options of the vehicle as you wish and you can do the same for the car loan if you want to benefit from the correct rates. Why go to a car dealership rather than a bank […]

The commercial loan, complete guide

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Today we present this guide on commercial loans, where you will find what exactly is a commercial loan, its nature, taxation and taxation, its characteristics, types of commercial loans that exist, the loan contract, its parts and much more. We start   What is the mercantile loan The commercial loan contract is one in which […]

The US Congress approves the plan of 787,000 million dollars to resuscitate economy

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Obama has praised Congress for approving the plan that he has described as “achievement and tangible” The Senate approved the measure with 60 votes in favor and 38 against, after a vote that lasted more than five hours Washington. (EFE). – The Congress of the United States today approved a plan of stimulus of 787,000 […]

Direct Lenders the banking system participates in financing million to the generalitat

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PUBLIC TENDER FINANCING FOR THE GENERALITAT       The regional secretary of Finance, Clara Ferrando, has indicated that the main Spanish banks and all entities of the Valencian financial system participate in the public tender for the financing of 2.133 million for the Generalitat and the Valencian Institute of Finance in the next two […]