3 different KPIs to monitor in call centers

Call centers play an important role in customer service delivery. Considering the number of inbound calls handled on a daily basis, call center agents must be prepared to provide customers with effective assistance in order to retain them over the long term. Here are three KPIs to monitor in order to achieve this goal.

Average talk time (ATC)

This KPI, well monitored for outbound calls, has the role of calculating the average conversation time between the customer and the consultant. It is one of the most useful KPIs for measuring agent productivity. Your company can look at the different areas where efficiency can be improved with the help of technology and the training of the employees you have. You can find more here kpis for call centers

A high average call duration can tell you that your call center agents are spending too much time perhaps on a single interaction. They could take less time to focus on other customers seeking assistance.

Average Handling Time (AHT)

This KPI adds up the average talk time and the time spent to finalize a transaction following the call. For example, an agent may end a call while still having the customer data to enter into the CRM before closing the associated customer file. Understanding this KPI allows call centers to determine the ideal amount of time for agents to manage inbound call volumes.

First Contact Resolution Rate

Another KPI is First Contact Resolution Rate, which measures the number of support requests that are resolved on the first call. When a customer's issue is resolved on the first contact, neither the customer nor the advisor needs to follow up. This KPI is a better indicator. A high first contact resolution rate illustrates the effectiveness of the agents as well as the overall ability of the company to satisfy customers quickly with appropriate responses.