A Welder: what you must know

The mission is to assemble metal parts through the melting process. He can work in different sectors, from the rail building through the automobile or the agri-food ... for that, he can use different tools as needed. A welder works in a workshop or on a site.

Welder missions?

The welder can occur at the factory or on a construction site, work alone or collaborate with a boilermaker, a pipewatch or a mechanic. Protected by a combination and a mask, the welder assembles by fusion of metal parts made by others, by carrying them at very high temperature (thanks to the flame of a blowtorch, for example). The welder can be specialized by type of installation (pipes, tanks, etc.), type of assembly (end end, cover, interior angle, etc.), activity sector (nuclear, petroleum platform, water heater manufacturer, aeronautics. Please, click for info .

What are the main activities of the welder?

The welder begins by studying the construction plane of the product to be made to determine the conditions of the assembly (temperature, pressure, mechanical forces, etc.; metals constituting, etc.). It then proceeds to the following steps: Preparation, degreasing and stripping of welding parts. Choice of welding technique indicated by the technical documents. Setting the welding parameters. Cleaning, control and polishing of welding. Recovery or finishing operations. Writing tracking documents (possibly on GMMAO software).

Skills and qualities of a welder?

His know-how depends on the quality and reliability of the final product. The skills implemented in the accomplishment of its tasks are: a good knowledge of metals (aluminum, steel, copper, etc.). Mastery of reading plans and technical documents. The handling of metrology, template, torch, electric saw, sander, robotic arc welding cells, electron beam welding machines, etc. The use of thermal cutting techniques, general mechanics and metallurgy. 

Metal, manually clever and precise, the welder does not fear to work in a noisy, sometimes cramped environment, in uncomfortable positions (very frequent standing position) and often alone. It is not subject to allergies (inspiration of toxic gases and dust) and has a good view. It is finally available to meet the demands of a posted job, the weekend, and often far from home (oil platform, nuclear power plant ...).