AB7 Group: areas of expertise

Do you find it difficult to take care of your pets or yourself? AB7 is surely what you need to put these difficulties behind you. In the rest of this article, we will outline some of the ways in which AB7 manages these problems.

Animal Health

AB7 is a group specializing in human care, home maintenance through biochemistry and well-being and animal health. Our article will focus on the latter. So, we will talk about Phillips Pet Food & Supplies. Animal welfare is at the heart of the AB7 group's objectives. With many years of experience, AB7 offers several product ranges for the well-being of our pets. We have pest repellents and insecticides to keep insects away from your pets. AB7 also has products that can help your pet cope with stressful situations. These products are most often called anti-stress products and are to be used on a daily basis. Since animals are not able to talk to humans about their ailments, we have painkillers to relieve them. As our objective is the well-being of your companions, we have developed ranges of comfort and hygiene products. These hygiene products are specific to each animal. We also offer food supplements for your animals. You have the possibility to get the best pet food from us. These foods will allow your pets to grow well. In addition to this, we also care about the environment in which the animal lives. Therefore, at AB7 it is necessary to keep the animals in a healthy environment in terms of hygiene.

Human care and biochemistry

AB7 does not only care about the welfare of the animals. We also care about human health. That's why we have developed product ranges that can help you take care of yourself. These products are very easy to use and, above all, do not attract attention. So you can use them discreetly.