Customized Dragon Jewelry

For centuries, dragons have been celebrated as powerful, protective and wise mythical creatures. If you want to make a bold statement or find something innovative to show off, personalized dragon jewelry will add an elegant, yet fiery touch to any ensemble.

Jewelry engraving

Personalized dragon jewelry is jewelry that inspires strength, determination and confidence. They can be in the form of a watch, bracelet or even a necklace. Whatever they look like, you will definitely look good. The site features a wide variety of dragon jewelry and is worth your time to check out. The detailed Dragon design can be laser engraved on a solid stainless-steel oval. Laser engraving "permanently" etches the material that is printed and has "no" color, yet emits a frosty glow in all kinds of lighting. This is an attractive personalization for jewelry that can be worn with any outfit. Relief engraving can also be done. Relief engraving is created by removing hundreds of thin layers of metal so that the letters and graphic literally pop out of the metal blank. This extensive process involves removing much more metal than standard deep engraving, and each piece usually takes 1-2 full hours just to be engraved according to the design. Then there is the polishing of the pendants by hand of the edges and sides of the blank to achieve a fine finish using a variety of hand finishing techniques.

Jewelry Care

To clean, a few drops of mild liquid soap and lukewarm water is all that is needed. Use this solution with a soft cloth to gently wipe it down. Always clean in the direction of the grain of the metal. After cleaning, rinse with clean water and dry with a clean cloth. We recommend removing your jewelry when showering, exercising or swimming to avoid soap or sediment build-up inside your intricate dark gray etching. To keep your pendant looking like new, it is recommended to avoid water at all times.