How to grow new grass in an environmentally friendly way?

Sometimes the grass in a garden acquires certain spots that can suppress the luster and spontaneity of a lawn. So that this does not happen, know that growing the herb organically allows you to keep your garden always looking radiant. Learn how to grow new grass in an ecological way and always keep your garden lawn in the best condition.

Know the deadly spots on your lawn

One of the essential parts of growing a new lawn is knowing all the areas of your lawn in detail. It may be necessary to replant an entire lawn or just a few parts. In most cases, replanting smaller areas is sufficient and most appropriate for a lawn to look fantastic and even.

Properly prepare the ground for a lawn

Preparing the soil is essential for grass seeds to develop and grow properly. In theory, it is possible to prepare the ground for a lawn in most months of the year. year, except winter. If you are throwing new seeds on the ground, you should do this in advance so that the grass stabilizes before the colder months arrive.

Place organic fertilizer on earth

Grass seeds grow best when they have good soil to support their development. In this sense, you can help this growing process by placing organic fertilizer in the soil of the soil you are going to sow.

Spread the seeds on the ground

There are several types of grass seeds on the market and choosing the most suitable one can be a very confusing decision. You need to choose one type of grass for your garden and stick to it, so that your greenish carpet looks the same, has the same color and brightness, instead of several different types of grass. Once the seeds are dispersed, use a rake to help place the seeds in the soil.

Follow the growth of the lawn

Do not allow grass seeds to germinate and then wait for them to develop. It is necessary to water the seeds regularly, i.e. twice a day for the first few weeks. The seeds of the new grass take about two weeks to germinate and after this time the watering period may decrease.