Income tax return

These days, we all move from city to city or country to country for business or personal reasons. When this happens you need to get help from a local expert to avoid receiving higher than normal taxes. You need to know whether you are a tax resident or a non-tax resident. So to find out more about the type of resident you may be, you can read the following article.

Tax resident and non-tax resident

For the taxes or levies that are set for you by the states, you should know that it depends on whether you are a tax resident or a non-tax resident.For more information on declaring your income according to your status, you can visit this site. A person who lives in a country is not considered a resident by the law. According to the General Tax Code, a person is considered a resident when he fulfils certain conditions. Among other things, he must have his main residence in the country, he must have a professional job in that country and finally his economic benefits must be in that country. For non-residents, the tax is on their sources of income and investment in the country. 

Process for filing taxes

If you don't have much knowledge about tax related issues, you can get help from experts. When the experts or companies help you, they first try to know the ones you need. Then you receive the tax return questionnaire and answer it before sending it back. The experts then take care of making your tax return and send it to you. During this process, your sources of income and your properties in the country are accounted for in order to obtain tax reductions. So you can see how important it is to get help from the experts.