The advantages of fiber optic connections

Cutting-edge technologies offer great benefits to businesses, but depend on a quality connection to reach their full potential, this is where fiber optics come into the picture. In addition to speed, fiber is more advanced because it supports larger volumes of data. In this article, discover 3 points that represent the advantages of adopting fiber optics.

Higher signal strength

The quality of the signal sent by the router or switch connected by means of optical fiber suffers much less interference. This allows connection problems to be less dependent on the user's proximity to the signal transmission points. So even in large companies with employees located in more remote areas, the signal quality is better, reducing downtime and work damage due to lack of connection, ensuring greater stability of the internet signal.

Lower latency

Latency is related to the description of the delays in data transmission between two points in a network. The higher latency seen in fiber optic connections ensures faster transmission, so the user experience is privileged, ensuring that downloads and uploads go smoothly and that the quality of audio calls via VoIP is maximum, among many other associated benefits.

Increased transmission security

With the evolution of digital threats and hackers invading corporate networks, security concerns are of the utmost importance. Business Internet cable can be invaded relatively easily, so information can be stolen and result in business losses. Interrupting a fiber optic connection is only possible by cutting the wires, so the invasion of data access becomes a very complex goal to achieve. Thus, by analogy, the protection of a network is much higher when the connections are made by fibers.

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