The essential guide to creating a chatbot

responsiveness is now at the heart of consumer expectations. This is why a company must be able to provide concrete answers to its prospects or customers at any time of the day. This is when a chatbot comes in, these little automated conversational agents. Read more in the rest of our article.

Definition of a chatbot

A chatbot is a program designed to communicate with Internet users via a messaging platform or application. It comes from the term "bot", short for robot and "cat". Also called conversational agent or conversational robot, its objective is to exchange and provide answers to users in an automated way. A chatbot appears as a dialog box or an animated character. There are two types of chatbots. On the one hand, there are programs that rely on keywords typed in by users to draw their answers from a pre-existing database. And on the other, programs that rely on machine learning to learn and improve from interactions. Whatever the type, the chatbot must be supervised by the human who intervenes for programming, configuration, performance monitoring and correction. try this web-site on which many chatbots are available.

Why create a chatbot?

Chatbots have become popular with the advancement of artificial intelligence. This tool has become an essential asset in conversational marketing. This marketing technique allows you to establish a personalized discussion to connect and qualify a customer or prospect according to their needs. Its purpose is to provide information to visitors to your website. In a way, it represents your virtual assistant and plays a role of communicator for you. Opt for chatbots to save prospects' time on your site or blog.