What are the best tie knots for a groom?

You have finally decided to celebrate your wedding? Do you need recommendations for your tie knot? No more worries! We invite you to discover in this article, the best tie knots you need as a groom and for your personal comfort.

The simple knot

Easy to make and suitable for all types of ties, this is the knot used by most grooms. It is a true classic of tie knots. It is narrow on skinny ties. On the other hand, it is wider on thicker ties. See the informative post if you are curious. On the other hand, the simple knot fits almost every suit and is quite valid even for the most original weddings. It is also known as the "four-in-hand" and "regatta knot".

The Prince Albert Knot

This is the type of knot you need when you decide to wear a narrow tie or even a silk tie on your wedding day. Also, if you are short in stature or a heavier person, the Prince Albert knot will fit you perfectly. This knot is similar to the Victoria Knot, but the last step of the process is not the same. Indeed, in the case of the Prince Albert knot, the large flap does not pass between the two turns of the knot but rather inside the knot.

The Victoria Knot

This is the best knot for thin ties. It is also suitable for different types of shirt collars. Here, and unlike the case of the Prince Albert knot, the large flap passes between the two turns of the knot. The Victoria knot also has similarities to the single knot, and has an extra turn that makes it more neat.