Why afford the services offered by KODDOS PROTECTION

To ensure the hosting and security of a company, it is imperative to use a structure specialized in the field. Several structures offer their services, but few of them offer exceptional services. You will discover in this article, the quality of services offered by KODDOS PROTECTION.

Securing your company against cybercriminal attacks

To stay safe from cybercriminal attacks, it is necessary to use a structure of size that may be able to protect your company. Among these structures, KODOSS is among those who can truly guarantee this. For more information, visit this website: https://koddos.net. Indeed, when the data saved on your company's server becomes voluminous, the cybercriminal attacks are repetitive. These attacks are most of the time either from a competitor or a hacker. Thus, to ensure the security of your company for example, KODDOS uses much more advanced and sophisticated technologies as defense mechanisms to stop these attacks. These technologies are called anti-DDoS and are very effective. Moreover, to subscribe to KODDOS protection service, you need a monthly payment of $450.00, and your business will be safe from cybercriminal attacks.

Benefit from top-notch hosting

In addition to the exceptional quality of the secure services that KODDOS offers, it also provides its customers with high-end hosting for their business. This hosting allows any company to keep its confidentiality on the one hand, and to remain in total anonymity on the other hand. Moreover, KODDOS has set up several types of hosting. As different types of hosting are offered we have the medium risk web hosting whose subscription is $39.99 per month and the high risk hosting whose fee is $149 per month. This allows the customer to subscribe to the hosting that suits their budget and business.